Unholy Spirit

Two weeks ago, a tragedy brought Edie Holloway to her breaking point, and her life was flipped upside down once again. Without a guiding hand, the Reach’s flimsy connection to its grand past is destroyed. What’s left of their faction is now forced to pick up the pieces and start over—with Edie at the helm. She hardly has time to panic about that, though. The leaders of the Gloaming have fled to New York City, hoping to recruit another hellerune hiding there—a powerful ally, if they can manage it. Edie intends to reach him first. But when the “powerful ally” turns out to be a washed up punk singer, it’s the helpless leading the clueless. With the powers he’s not sure how to wield, he’s trapped his dead daughter’s soul inside his electric guitar. His only hope of returning her Read more…

Night Vet of the Living Dead

Veterinarian George Logan doesn’t believe in the supernatural. So how is he going to explain a zombie hamster? It’s a normal night at the emergency vet clinic for Dr. George Logan and vet tech Don Yoon. But when a goth girl drops off her roommate’s seriously ailing hamster, Hervey, they get more excitement than they bargained for—because even though he’s moving around, Hervey’s heart isn’t beating. To top off an already creepy night, someone just broke into the clinic basement … and they might be hungry for brains. Night Vet of the Living Dead is a short story set in the world of The Necromancer’s Daughter. Sign up for my newsletter to get this short story for free!

No Earthly Treason

It’s been over two months since hellerune Edie Holloway and her friends fought for their lives against a mysterious dread lord, winning only at great cost. But the Wounded was not defeated, and he and his followers still seek to destroy what remains of the Reach. Edie has come to rely on her allies, but they’ve started acting strangely—and after an ill-omened rune reading, she isn’t sure who she can trust. Meanwhile, shieldmaiden Satara must retrieve a stolen artifact from a shadowy thief, and Auroran vivid Marius has come across evidence of a plot to assassinate his father. If they can set their animosity aside, Marius may be able to help Edie and Satara in their greatest time of need … and they may be his only hope to unmask a traitor who’s a lot closer than they think.

Rune Awakening

Edie Holloway’s life was already getting a little weird. Attacked in the park by two ghouls? Check. Saved by a glowing, one-handed guy? Sure, why not. Hamster kicked the bucket for no reason? Possibly… except he’s breathing again. But nothing prepared her for a zombie showing up in her living room. As an undead servant of her family bloodline, he has some news for her: she’s a necromancer—and she needs to figure out her powers quickly, before she ends up like her father. Good news is, he knows someone who may be able to help—for a price. Turns out the creatures of Norse mythology are real, and they’re headed for war. Edie’s only hope lies with the remnants of an ancient faction: a headstrong valkyrie, a reluctant shieldmaiden, and a seven-foot fish man who refuses to wear pants. Two things Read more…